Kufamba kwadi kwadi, unodokerwa womhanya.

turtle in aquarium

Definitions kwadi: slowly and carefully Inspiration A slow spiritless start to a journey could end in haste in an attempt to make it before dark. Application One should fully commit to an endeavor right from the start to avoid unnecessary pressure ahead.

Chinoudzwa ndechiri mumushunje, chiri mumusakasa chinozvinzwira.

Definitions mushunje: bound parcel of grass or leaves. musakasa/ musakasaka: makeshift shelter (e.g. chirindo). Translation To know what is inside a bound parcel, one has to be told; whereas when one stands guard out in the fields, they witness events firsthand. Inspiration A traditional method to reduce crop loss to wildlife involves farmers spending the … Read more

Usapedzere tsvimbo kuna vanamakuwe, hanga dzichauya.

Definitions kuwe: grey-lourie. go-away bird hanga: guinea fowl Translation Guinea fowls will come, so save your knobkerries rather than waste them on grey-louries. Inspiration A bird hunter stands to benefit more from catching guinea fowl. The birds are popular for their meat and eggs. Application When faced with competing demands, one should consider where they … Read more

Dhimba kushaya besu usati inyana.

Definitions dhimba: long-billed crombec  Рa small nearly tailless bird nyana: young bird besu: tail of fish or bird Translation The long-billed crombec should not be considered a fledgling just because it is tailless. Application One should be careful not to underestimate things because of conclusions based on appearance or what is outward.

Kanyenye kotsakatika, gondo roonekwa rakaruma nyama.

Definitions nyenye: Lamb. Kid. gondo: eagle Translation What a coincidence, that an eagle is seen with a piece of meat after a lamb goes missing. Application People are often suspicious of coincidences that seem to provide answers to a mystery.

Chiri mudundu, chiri muninga.

Definitions ninga: large underground cave. dundu: chest Translation What is in one’s heart is (like something) hidden in an underground cave. Inspiration In olden days, caves and shelters hidden away in rocks were used as secret places known only to the local communities.¬† They were used as places for making medicine, rainmaking, as burial places … Read more

Nyadzi dzinokunda rufu.

Translation Shame is worse than death Application Sometimes humiliation can be so great that one cannot face others, nor imagine how they will move on from there.

Mbwende haina vanga.

Definitions mbwende: coward vanga: scar Translation A coward has no scar. Inspiration Cowards avoid fights and as a result, are spared from injuries. Application Sometimes it is better to retreat and seem cowardly than walk right into the face of danger.

Inochema ndeiri pamusungo, iri muriva inoti denga rawa.

Definitions musungo: snare riva: trap with a falling flat stone, for catching small animals Translation One (an animal) that cries is the one caught in a snare; the one caught under a stone trap believes the sky has fallen. Inspiration An animal caught in a snare could try and free itself, but one caught under … Read more

Hufana nyina, gunguo rakatodza tateguru.

Definitions nyina: female (human or animal) that is suckling Translation It is a likeness to the mother, the crow took after its ancestor. Application The habits and behaviour of children very often reflect those of their parents.