Ndongwe inyama, hazvienzani nenhikiti.

Definitions ndongwe: grasshoper nhikiti: pumpkin seeds Translation Locust meat is meat nonetheless, and better than having pumpkin seeds as a side-dish. Application Something, even if less than the ideal, is better than nothing.

Nhasi mapuruuru atandavara nokuti kondo dzinonzwa meso.

Definitions mapuruuru: tadpoles kondo: hammerkop (a medium-sized wading bird) tandavara: sprawl (in a relaxed or lazy way) Translation The tadpoles have sprawled out today because the hammerkops have sore eyes. Inspiration Tadpoles are preyed on by the hammerkop. Its diet consists primarily of frogs, tadpoles, small fish, crustaceans, worms, and insects. When fishing, the bird … Read more

Zviururwi zvinofara kana kondo afa ziso.

Definition zviururwi: crickets kondo: hammerkop (a medium-sized wading bird) Translation Crickets rejoice when the hammerkop loses his eye. Inspiration The hammerkop’s diet consists primarily of frogs, tadpoles, small fish, crustaceans, worms, and insects. When fishing, the bird stares into the water with its head angled, searching, looking first with one eye then the other (hence … Read more

Zviri kumwene wejira, kufuka kana kuwarira.

Translation It is up to the owner of a blanket, to use it as a cover or as an underblanket. Application It is up to one to choose what they want, or do as they please with their possessions or situation, without interference from others.

Chawawana batisisa, mudzimu haupi kaviri.

Definitions mudzimu: ancestral spirit Translation Secure whatever you acquire, because favour from the ancestors comes only once. Inspiration Vadzimu are an integral part of indigenous religion. The belief is that they protect their descendants. Application Do not despise what you have because you might never be able to get a better deal.

Atora chake haabvunzwi.

Translation One should not be questioned for taking away what’s theirs. Application One who is in possession of something that belongs to another should not have a problem when the owner claims it.

Zvawana njiva, mangwana zvawana hanga.

Definitions njiva: dove hanga: guinea-fowl Translation What has befallen the dove will befall the guinea-fowl tomorrow. Application One who is unfeeling towards the misfortunes of others should know that the same could happen to him.

Chiri pamuchena, chiri pamawere.

Views from Domboshava

Definitions muchena: poor person mawere: very steep rock face or cliff Translation What is in a poor man’s hands is perched on a steep slope. Application A poor man has limited means so what he has either does not last, or is easily lost.

Ateyera mariva murutsva haachatyi kusviba magaro.

Definitions rutsva: area of burnt grass riva: trap with a falling flat stone, for catching small animals Translation One who sets a trap in burnt veld should be prepared to have his backside soiled. Inspiration When setting a stone trap, one will most likely sit on the ground while doing so.  In burnt grass, the … Read more

China manenji hachifambisi, chinomirira kuti mavara acho aonekwe.

Definitions nenji: unusual/ mysterious/ shocking occurence vara: peculiarity Translation A shocking occurrence does not happen instantly; a number of peculiarities are witnessed ahead of it. Application A crisis or bad situation is often preceded by small undesirable incidents, building up over time. Only after the bad thing has happened do people manage to make sense … Read more