Ngoma yomurirakamwe haidzanirwi.

Word definitions dzana: dance murirakamwe: time of the first cockcrow Translation The sound of a drum heard before daylight is not one to dance to. Application People are usually suspicious of things done in secret, or at night, and are inclined to regard them as bad. Similar Proverbs 1. Chakamuka usiku imhandu. 2. Mudzimu unoteurwa … Read more

Idya zvose; gudo harina nhunzi.

Translation Eat everything; a baboon does not mind flies. Application One should not discriminate against someone because they regard them as being of lesser worth. What might be considered of little worth is equally important. Similar Proverbs 1. Chaza hachirambwi; munhu haangaregeri mhene inokamhina. 2. Chenga ose manhanga, hapana risina mhodzi. 3. Tenda dzose pwere, hapana … Read more

Aramba ura hwehamba aramba nemuto wacho.

Translation One who has refused the intestines of a tortoise, has also refused the gravy. Application A relative or friend who rejects you spares you the sacrifices that come with such ties. Similar Proverbs 1. Aramba ukama apa huku yangu kurarama.

Chaiti chururu chakapwa; nhasi tsambarafuta rava igo.

Word Definitions tsambarafuta: large fatty edible flying ant igo: wasp Translation What used to drip (fat) eventually dried out; the large flying ant is now a wasp. Application Circumstances sometimes change for the worse and even that which was important could lose its worth. Sometimes you will encounter a poor man who used to be … Read more

Charamba charamba, pfuma yamai haikanirwi.

Word definitions kana: quarrel violently Translation What has failed has failed; there can be no dispute over a mother’s wealth. Inspiration Traditionally, when a woman dies all her belongings go to her family of origin. Application Sometimes we just have to accept that something has been unsuccessful, or won’t work. There is no point in … Read more

Zigadzi kunyangara, asi kuroya harigoni.

Translation A hefty woman is ugly, but incapable of being a witch. Application Some people tend to give the impression that they are good at or prepared for something. However, when it comes to it they fall short considerably. Similar Proverbs 1. Rwaivhi kupinduka nhando, icho chisingagone kuruma.

Pasi mupindu, panopinduka.

Translation The world is changeable, it changes. Application Things change with time. What is there today might not be there tomorrow. Similar Proverb 1. Kare haagari ari kare. 2. Nhasi haasiri mangwana.

Kuverenga mombe nedzisipo, kuverenga nemiswe.

Translation When counting cattle, counting those that are elsewhere is counting tails as well. Inspiration In communities that practise livestock herding, sometimes animals go missing as they are pastured. It is common practice, therefore, to take stock by counting the animals when they return to their enclosures. Application One who places reliance on things that … Read more

Kurava mbudzi nedzisipo, kurava nedzava matoo.

Word Definitions rava: count matoo: old hides Translation To count goats that are elsewhere is to count those that are (dead and all that remains is) nothing but hides. Inspiration In communities that practise livestock herding, sometimes animals go missing as they are pastured. It is common practice, therefore, to take stock by counting the … Read more

Afa, afa nemuromo wake.

Translation One who has died has died with their mouth. Application When one dies, the things of this world are no longer necessary for them. Life should go on for the living who still need to eat and survive, and not be held back by continuing to focus on the deceased. This proverb is quoted … Read more