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Hi. I’m Shungu and I’m Zimbabwean.

After constantly struggling to find answers on indigenous practices and language aspects, I decided I would do some exploring of my own, and from there created ZimbOriginal. Everything I imagined it should be is summed up in the dictionary-type meaning I coined.


noun: ZimbOriginal, plural noun: ZimbOriginals

  1. A knowledge platform created to make a lasting and memorable difference for Zimbabwean heritage, people, and communities.
    “ZimbOriginal explores and aggregates information on Zimbabwean culture, customs, and traditions, thus making it easy to share and access from anywhere in the world”
    synonyms: embracement of Zimbabwean culture, a celebration of Zimbabwean heritage
  2. The earliest form of Zimbabwean life influencing present-day practices.
    Customs or traditions on which practices of Zimbabwean people are based.
    “some modern-day practices are adaptations of the ZimbOriginals”
  3. An authentic Zimbabwean
    “the site hopes to nurture true ZimbOriginals”
    synonyms: genuine Zimbabwean, sincere Zimbabwe

adjective: ZimbOriginal

  1. Present or existing in Zimbabwe from the beginning; first or earliest.
    “the ZimbOriginal practices or methods”
    synonyms: indigenous to Zimbabwe, native to Zimbabwe
    antonyms: exotic to Zimbabwe
  2. Created personally by Zimbabweans; not a copy.
    “ZimbOriginal art and crafts”
    synonyms: authentically Zimbabwean, genuinely Zimbabwean
    antonyms: copied from foreign lands

I know that Zimbabweans are best placed to answer the questions and tell the stories that have shaped their identity. So I take time to visit and seek answers from ordinary Zimbabwean men and women. They are the experts from whom the content on ZimbOriginal is sourced. I however also take lots of time to read, then compare what I read with what I discover during my conversations. Then I go on to question more! Then on to discover even more! My experiences so far have been nothing but empowering.

ZimbOriginal seeks to provide an online platform aggregating information on all that is indigenous to Zimbabwe, and making it easy to access and share from anywhere in the world. I seek to leverage the internet revolution to celebrate and preserve Zimbabwean heritage.

I hope my journey of exploration is worthwhile!

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    About Shungu

    IMG_3954 1

    Shungu is the voice behind ZimbOriginal. She has a restless hand and a penchant for discovery. Her upbringing is fairly balanced between an urban and rural setting. The urban - pretty basic and spent almost entirely in boarding school. The rural - not so glorious and filled with all the dreaded chores that come with keeping a rural homestead going. Shungu is a qualified chartered management accountant and currently lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. Learn more.

    Who is ZimbOriginal for?

    Young Zimbabwean without knowledge on, and struggling to understand and grasp issues and concepts relating to our indigenous culture and languages.

    Zimbabwean Parent wondering how best to assist a child who needs help with indigenous culture, languages, and concepts.

    An Educator in Zimbabwe who needs to research Shona, Heritage, and culture related assignments, and also needs to put together meaningful, interesting, and interactive lesson plans.

    A member of the Zimbabwean Diaspora who cherishes their Zimbabwean heritage and desires to preserve it in an unadulterated form so that it can be passed on to future generations.

    A Foreigner or Culture Tourist to Zimbabwe, keen on engaging with the culture – lifestyle, history, art, architecture, religion, and whatever else that has helped shape the way of life of Zimbabwean people.

    Just You interested, and curious about languages, culture, customs, and traditions that are indigenous to Zimbabwe.

    Supporting learning and discovery