About Us

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noun: ZimbOriginal, plural noun: ZimbOriginals

1. a knowledge platform created to make a lasting and memorable difference for Zimbabwean heritage, people and communities.

“ZimbOriginal explores and aggregates information on Zimbabwean culture, customs and traditions, thus making it easy to share and access from anywhere in the world”

synonyms: embracement of Zimbabwean culture, celebration of Zimbabwean heritage

2. the earliest form of Zimbabwean life influencing present day practices.

“some modern day practices are adaptations of the ZimbOriginals”

  • customs or tradition on which practices of Zimbabwean people are based.

3. an authentic Zimbabwean.

“the site hopes to nurture true ZimbOriginals”

synonyms: genuine Zimbabwean, sincere Zimbabwe



adjective: ZimbOriginal

1. present or existing in Zimbabwe from the beginning; first or earliest.

“the ZimbOriginal practices or methods”

synonyms: indigenous to Zimbabwe, native to Zimbabwe

antonyms: exotic to Zimbabwe

2. created personally by Zimbabweans; not a copy.

“ZimbOriginal art and crafts”

synonyms: authentically Zimbabwean, genuinely Zimbabwean

antonyms: copied from foreign lands  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][title_classic title=”The Story Behind It”][vc_column_text]Once in a while, you get curious about something that truly and only hails from Zimbabwe; you open your web browser hoping you can siphon some meaningful information out of that search. The result? Yeah, you get the Z – Zero.

That is what inspired the birth of ZimbOriginal, prompting an exploration, and the desire to help more people interact with the authentic and native Zimbabwe.

For Zimbabweans, our culture, customs and traditions are a huge identifier and unifier, yet conversations relating to those matters remain confined to intimate settings. This, despite the sweeping internet revolution where almost everything and everyone is just a digital encounter away.

Because Zimbabweans are best placed to answer the questions and tell the stories shaping their culture today; Zimbabweans are the experts from whom the content on ZimbOriginal has been sourced.

Here’s to the beginning of an exciting adventure. Join in, on the ZimbOriginal exploration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]