The Shona are exceedingly rich in proverbs. Proverbs are a cherished and interesting part of their oral literature.

Abara atochena mwoyo.

Translation One who bears a child commits themselves to being tolerant. Application Every parent should realise that they are not … Read more

Afa haachatyi kuora.

Translation One who has died is no longer afraid to rot. Application One who has decided to carry out a … Read more

Afira nyora haachemwi.

Word definitions nyora: These are small deep incisions made into the skin, leaving permanent marks after healing. Translation People will … Read more

Agumhina afamba, hazvienzani naTigere.

Word definitions gumhina: limp Tigere: name which literally means ‘we are seated’ Translation One who has limped has walked, unlike … Read more

Agura musuva atozva mwoyo, hazvienzani neagere.

Word definitions gura: break off musuva: morsel of sadza taken in the hand when eating. tozva: ease hunger only slightly … Read more

Aiva madziva, ava mazambuko.

Word Definitions dziva: pool (in river) zambuko: ford Translation What used to be pools are now fords. Application Circumstances sometimes … Read more

Aiva maguta ava matongo.

Word Definitions guta: Large village of chief. City. dongo: Abandoned village site. Translation What used to be large villages are … Read more

Akazvara sekera muchitende.

Word definitions dende: hollowed out and dried gourd used as a container. (Large gourds are also used to mount the … Read more

Akweva sanzu, akweva namarara aro.

Translation One who drags a branch, drags along its leaves. Application Some responsibilities come with other responsibilities, some of which … Read more

Ane ganda ane nyama, hazvienzani neakabata hwowa.

Definitions hwowa: mushroom Translation One with animal skin (for relish) has meat, and is better than one who has mushrooms. … Read more

Ane mombe yake anoziva makumiro ayo.

Word definitions kuma: low Translation The owner of a cow knows how it lows. Application One who is well acquainted … Read more

Anokuti rima ati udye.

Translation He who tells you to work the land wants you to have food. Inspiration Traditionally, the Shona relied primarily … Read more

Anoti chengeta mwana wako, anoti ugozotuma hako.

Translation He who tells you to raise your child wants you to have someone to send on errands. Application Sometimes … Read more

Aramba ukama apa huku yangu kurarama.

Translation My fowl gets to live longer when one cuts ties with me. Inspiration It is customary among the Shona … Read more

Ashunya arwa.

Translation He who has pinched has fought. Application A small contribution to an initiative still counts for something. Similar Proverbs … Read more

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