Gomo guru rakapera nokumwaukira.

Views from Domboshava

Definitions mwaukira: break/ tear apart Translation A big mountain leveled out through gradual wear. Application Even tasks that seem impossible to complete can be completed by working gradually.  

Chikuni chinoda mukuchidziri.

Definitions chikuni: short piece of firewood mukuchidziri: stoker Translation A piece of firewood needs a stoker (to hold it and poke the fire). Application One who seeks to accomplish a goal thrives on the encouragement and support of the people around them.

Chitanduro ndaamai, mugoti unopiwa anyerere.

Definitions chitanduro: discerning person Translation It is from a mother’s wisdom that the cooking stick is given to the quiet one (so that the child may lick it). Application A wise person in authority really knows the people under his control and as such will know who deserves a reward.  The reward is not given … Read more

Kuno kudya hakuna gomo.

Views from Domboshava

Translation When it comes to getting to food, there is no mountain (that cannot be overcome). Application One will do everything to overcome any barriers and difficulties faced in acquiring the necessary things in life.

Chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda.

Definitions chara: thumb-nail/ thumb/ finger inda: louse Translation One finger cannot crush a louse. Inspiration Squashing something between the fingers doesn’t work with one finger. Application One achieves more by working with others, not alone. Similar Proverbs 1. Mombe haipingudzwi nomunhu mumwe. 2. Ndarira imwe hairiri. 3. Rume rimwe harikombi churu.    

Dzambiringwa kumera munyemba hunzi ndava nyembawo.

Definitions Dzambiringwa: A tangy but edible fruit of mudzambiringwa, which is a climber or creeper plant. Nyemba: Cow peas. Certain species of cowpeas are climbers and trailers. Translation The dzambiringwa fruit believes growing alongside cow peas makes it cow peas too. Inspiration Mudzambiringwa and Munyemba plants bear some resemblance as they are both climber plants. … Read more

Igangaidza mukwenyi, mhezi yavavira mudumbu.

Definitions gangaidza: bewilder or confuse mhezi: aggressive skin eruption Translation It is bewildering for one to have an itch in the belly (because they have no idea what to do). Application Some stressful/ difficult situations leave one at a loss for what to do. Similar Proverbs 1. Igangaidza vavigi, kusvunura kwemufi.  

Zundu kugara mundove, hunzi neni ndava mombewo.

Definitions zundu: white grub Translation The white grub believes living in cow dung makes it a cow too. Inspiration Raw cow dung or fresh cow manure may form a breeding habitation for white grubs. Application Some people burden themselves with trying to fit in with peers of a higher status. Similar Proverbs 1. Dzambiringwa kumera … Read more

Kufamba kwadi kwadi, unodokerwa womhanya.

turtle in aquarium

Definitions kwadi: slowly and carefully Inspiration A slow spiritless start to a journey could end in haste in an attempt to make it before dark. Application One should fully commit to an endeavor right from the start to avoid unnecessary pressure ahead.

Chinoudzwa ndechiri mumushunje, chiri mumusakasa chinozvinzwira.

Definitions mushunje: bound parcel of grass or leaves. musakasa/ musakasaka: makeshift shelter (e.g. chirindo). Translation To know what is inside a bound parcel, one has to be told; whereas when one stands guard out in the fields, they witness events firsthand. Inspiration A traditional method to reduce crop loss to wildlife involves farmers spending the … Read more