Ane mombe yake anoziva makumiro ayo.

Word definitions kuma: low Translation The owner of a cow knows how it lows. Application One who is well acquainted with a difficult character can easily relate certain actions to them.

Rwizi rukuru kupwa, mombe dzinonwepi?

Translation Where will cattle drink water when the big river dries up? Application When a provider dies or becomes incapacitated, the dependents are left hopeless and people feel pity for them.

Tsuro inobatwa nembwa ngeinoradzika nzeve, inomisa ingonzwa.

Translation A hare that keeps its ears down is caught by dogs, while the one that keeps them up stays alert. Application One who is attentive or alert is in a good position to heed a warning or advice. The uninformed and ignorant man is at risk.

Tsuro haiponi rutsva kaviri.

Word definitions rutsva: area of burnt grass (from veld fire) Translation A hare does not escape a veld fire twice. Inspiration Some animals die in veld fires, while others flee. Young and small animals are particularly at risk, and might not be able to escape. Application Surviving a threatening endeavor doesn’t make it any less … Read more

Kuramba nyama yechidembo, hunge uine yetsuro.

Word definitions chidembo: skunk Translation Turning down skunk meat means you have rabbit meat. Inspiration Skunks are known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong unpleasant smell. Skunk meat is considered edible but requires expert handling. This is because the meat can easily get spoiled and become totally inedible, due to the … Read more

Bveni kuipa, kuipa zvaro asi haridyi chakafa choga.

Translation A baboon might be ugly, but it doe not feed on the carcass of an animal that it found already dead. Inspiration for proverb A baboon will only eat meat of a prey animal killed by it or another member of the same troop. It will not eat a random carcass. Application Even bad … Read more

Charovedzera charovedzera, gudo rakakwira mawere kwasviba.

Word definitions rovedzera: become quite accustomed mawere: steep rock face, especially a tall one Translation What one has become accustomed to takes root; a baboon climbed a steep rock face in the dark. Inspiration for proverb Baboons are excellent rock climbers, and can even climb up very steep rock faces. Application What one has become … Read more

Hatidzori tsvimbo nokuti gudo rasvisa usu.

Word definitions svisa: hide usu: face Translation We will not desist from hitting a baboon simply because it has covered its face in shame. Inspiration for proverb Baboons are notorious for crop raiding, with maize probably being the most frequently eaten crop. In some cases farmers protect their crops by chasing the baboons with dogs, … Read more