The Shona are exceedingly rich in proverbs. Proverbs are a cherished and interesting part of their oral literature.

Chaiti chururu chakapwa; nhasi tsambarafuta rava igo.

Word Definitions tsambarafuta: large fatty edible flying ant igo: wasp Translation What used to drip (fat) eventually dried out; the … Read more

Chakachenjedza, ndechakatanga.

Translation What came first made one wiser. Application Bad experiences, blunders, and mistakes from the past, drive people to be … Read more

Chakafukidza dzimba matenga.

Translation It is roofs, that cover houses. Inspiration A house is covered by the roof, otherwise everything inside would be … Read more

Chakakodza bere mapfupa.

Word definitions bere: hyena kodza: make fat mapfupa: bones Translation It is bones, that fattened a hyena. Inspiration Hyenas are … Read more

Chakakodza nguruve mashamba.

Word definitions kodza: make fat mashamba: fodder melon Translation The pig was fattened by fodder melons. Inspiration The fruit of … Read more

Chakamuka usiku imhandu.

Translation That which got up at night is an enemy. Application Things done secretly, especially at night, are usually considered … Read more

Chakona chakona, amai havaroodzwi.

Word definitions kona: be unsuccessful Translation What has failed has failed, one cannot marry off their mother. Inspiration In olden … Read more

Chakuyeredza chati chikupe vanga.

Translation What has caused you to be taken by the river has sanctioned  that you sustain a wound. Application The … Read more

Chapinda munzeve, chawaridza bonde.

Translation What has entered the ear has spread a mat. Inspiration Kuwaridza bonde is an expression which means ‘settle somewhere’ … Read more

Chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda.

Definitions chara: thumb-nail/ thumb/ finger inda: louse Translation One finger cannot crush a louse. Inspiration Squashing something between the fingers … Read more

Charamba charamba, pfuma yamai haikanirwi.

Word definitions kana: quarrel violently Translation What has failed has failed; there can be no dispute over a mother’s wealth. … Read more

Charovedzera charovedzera, gudo rakakwira mawere kwasviba.

Word definitions rovedzera: become quite accustomed mawere: steep rock face, especially a tall one Translation What one has become accustomed … Read more

Chashe chinodyiwa nowagara padare.

Word definitions ishe: chief dare: court Translation What belongs to a chief is enjoyed by one who sits at his … Read more

Chawawana batisisa, mudzimu haupi kaviri.

Definitions mudzimu: ancestral spirit Translation Secure whatever you acquire, because favour from the ancestors comes only once. Inspiration Vadzimu are an … Read more

Chaza hachirambwi; munhu haangaregeri mhene inokamhina.

Word Definitions chaza: old form of saying chauya. mhene: steenbok kamhina: limp Translation What has come to one cannot be … Read more

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