Indigenous religion in Zimbabwe| 5 key ‘chivanhu’ ritual festivals

Recurring cycle-based religious festivals For this story, I will refer to indigenous religion in Zimbabwe as chivanhu. This is a term used to refer to the traditional way of life of the indigenous peoples of Zimbabwe. It is also commonly used in reference to beliefs and practices of indigenous religion. In indigenous religion, the ordinary … Read more

6 things worth knowing about traditional practices when faced with a disease outbreak

The traditional values of Zimbabwean people are centered on strong family ties and hospitality. Members of a family rely on each other for support and show solidarity in the various facets of life. Nevertheless, things are not always as rosy as they are supposed to be. A family could easily and unbearably become the greatest … Read more

Beliefs| 13 strange beliefs; from trapping death, to generational curses

Most superstitious beliefs and practices are rooted in uroyi (witchcraft). Uroyi involves the infliction of harm upon others because of jealousy, greed, revenge, or simply because one can. A competence which one inherits from their ancestors is known as shavi. It is common to hear people say of a witch, ‘she possesses shavi reuroyi,’ as witchcraft is known to … Read more

Beliefs and Superstition – ‘Shura’| 14 signs for the superstitious Zimbabwean

Shura noun: mysterious occurrence/ bad omen (and less often a good one) verb: symbolise or warn of bad luck (and less often good luck) plural: mashura The lives of many Zimbabweans are influenced and affected by beliefs and superstition which some refer to as chivanhu. While this Shona word (chivanhu) generally refers to our indigenous … Read more

5 death premonitions – spirits, the afterlife and indigenous religion in Zimbabwe

coffin in hearse

Premonitions Not so long ago, I got to know about the philosophy of stoicism and learned how it could be practiced to figure out the best way to live. In the article I read, the writer presented ways to make stoicism a daily practice. One of the tactics he presented is called ‘memento mori’ which, … Read more

Mombe yemadiro| Here is one sacrificial ritual you probably never heard of

‘mombe yeumai’ was paid many years ago It has been decades since Ratidzai was married customarily and the bride price known as ‘roora’ or ‘pfuma’ was paid. A cow should have been paid as part of the brideprice to honour the bride’s mother ‘amai’ for her role as the nurturer and caregiver.  However it is common that … Read more

Mukwerera| A step by step guide on how to make rain in Shona

This post was last updated on 07 April 2021. rain-asking It’s a hot day in the village of Dhenya under Chief Chivero in Mhondoro. I have paid the village elders a visit ahead of their annual rain asking ceremony, known as ‘Mukwerera.’ The ceremony involves performing a ritual during which beer is poured over the … Read more