Usatya ngwena, iwo makumbo ari mudziva.


ngwena: crocodile

dziva: pool (in river)


No point being afraid of crocodiles when your feet are already in the water.


One who has decided to carry out a difficult task must not be deterred by any inconvenience, or by what people might say.

Similarly, one must be prepared to face the consequences of their actions.

Similar Proverbs

1. Afa haachatyi kuora.

2. Agara murutsva haatyi kusviba magaro.

3. Ateyera mariva murutsva haachatyi kusviba magaro.

4. Apinda murutsva anosviba tsoka.

5. Chirega kutya kununa iwe wakasasikwa.

6. Hapana munwe unoiswa mukanwa, ukabuda usina mate.