Munoda pauriri pari penyu, pembeva moisa moto.


uriri: Bed. Part of floor on which people sleep.

mbeva: edible mouse or small rat


You maintain your sleeping spot, yet use that of mice as a fireplace.


In the traditional cooking hut, there is a spot at the centre on which a fire is lit, and this is where the cooking is done. Commonly, at night when the fire is out and the place is dark, the hut comes to life with rats scurrying all over the place in search of food.

A traditional Shona homestead also has a grain storage hut, known as hozi, which houses storage units known as matura (dura for singular). The hozi could also be used as sleeping quarters if there is extra floor space. Uriri is the part of the floor on which people sleep.


Most people are only interested in their welfare alone with little or no concern for that of others. They want to prosper at the expense of others.