Chinoudzwa ndechiri mumushunje, chiri mumusakasa chinozvinzwira.


mushunje: bound parcel of grass or leaves.

musakasa/ musakasaka: makeshift shelter (e.g. chirindo).


To know what is inside a bound parcel, one has to be told; whereas when one stands guard out in the fields, they witness events firsthand.


A traditional method to reduce crop loss to wildlife involves farmers spending the night out in the fields. A temporary shelter (chirindo) is put up next to the protected area for this purpose. The guards remain on high alert throughout the night.


One who is present, attentive or alert is in a good position to heed a warning or advice.

Similar Proverbs

1. Rinofa harina nzeve, rine nzeve rinozvinzwira.

2. Tsuro inobatwa nembwa ngeinoradzika nzeve, inomisa ingonzwa.