Shona Proverbs

The Shona are exceedingly rich in proverbs. Proverbs are a cherished and interesting part of their oral literature.

Imbwa hora haihukuri nhando.

Word definitions hora: aged dog nhando: pointlessly Translation An aged dog does not bark pointlessly. Application Older people are more … Read more

Imbwa ine hona haihukuri.

Word definitions hona: big bone Translation A dog with a bone (in its mouth)  does not bark. Application One who … Read more

Imbwa inoba mazai, mangwana inodya huku.

Translation A dog that steals eggs will one day eat the chickens. Application Bad behaviour that is left unchecked will … Read more

Imbwa inoruma vaenzi, mangwana icharuma vatenzi.

Translation A dog that bites visitors will one day bite its master. Application Bad behavior that is left unchecked will … Read more

Imbwa ivete haimutsirwi sadza.

Translation A sleeping dog should not be roused for food. Application Avoid interfering in a situation that is currently causing … Read more

Imbwa mbiri hadzitorerwi nyama.

Translation A piece of meat cannot be pulled away from two dogs. Application The combined strength of two people cannot … Read more

Imbwa payadyira haipakanganwi.

Translation A dog will not forget the place at which it fed. Application When in need, one is more likely … Read more

Kudya kakara, kanyama kanopakatira pamazino.

Word definitions kakara: small wild animal Translation While eating the meat of a small wild animal, a piece of meat … Read more

Kudya mombe idya yebadza, kudya yomwana mangwana inokudyawo.

Translation When you consume an ox, let it be the one you acquired through your own labour; that from your … Read more

Kudzinga tsuro dzinga nesvimbo mbiri, imwe ikapotsa imwe yorova.

Translation Take two knobkerries with you when pursuing a hare, so that when one misses the other will strike. Application … Read more

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