Shona Proverbs

The Shona are exceedingly rich in proverbs. Proverbs are a cherished and interesting part of their oral literature.

Chirambakuudzwa akazoonekwa neropa kudonha.

Translation He who refused advice was later seen bleeding. Application A person who rejects all advice usually falls into serious … Read more

Chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa.

Translation The consequences of failing to observe the chisi rest day are not suffered on that very day. Inspiration Chisi … Read more

Chiverevere ndechekubaya mombe, chamakombo maitiudzawo.

Word definitions chiverevere: doing something secretly gombo: new agricultural land Translation While slaughtering an ox could be done secretly, we … Read more

Chomungozva chinodyiwa nowabata mwana.

Word definitions mungozva: nursing mother Translation Only one who cuddles the baby of a nursing mother will enjoy the fruits … Read more

Gengezha mukombe, hazvienzani nekunwira mudemhe.

Word definitions mukombe: hollowed out gourd with a long handle used for drinking gengezha: reference to an old/ cracked mukombe … Read more

Gomba harina mwana.

Word definitions gomba: adulterer – lover of married woman Translation The lover of a married woman has no child. Application … Read more

Gudo hariramwirwi munda.

Translation One cannot afford to just sulk and watch as a baboon enters their field. Inspiration for proverb Baboons are … Read more

Guyu kutsvuka, kutsvuka zvaro asi mukati rizere masvosve.

Word definitions guyu (onde): fig Translation While a fig might appear ripe and juicy from the outside, the inside is … Read more

Hapana mukuyu unovinga shiri.

Word definitions mukuyu: tree of the guyu fruit, also known as muonde Translation It is not the mukuyu tree that … Read more

Hatidzori tsvimbo nokuti gudo rasvisa usu.

Word definitions svisa: hide usu: face Translation We will not desist from hitting a baboon simply because it has covered … Read more

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