Shona Proverbs

The Shona are exceedingly rich in proverbs. Proverbs are a cherished and interesting part of their oral literature.

Ane mombe yake anoziva makumiro ayo.

Word definitions kuma: low Translation The owner of a cow knows how it lows. Application One who is well acquainted … Read more

Anokuti rima ati udye.

Translation He who tells you to work the land wants you to have food. Inspiration Traditionally, the Shona relied primarily … Read more

Anoti chengeta mwana wako, anoti ugozotuma hako.

Translation He who tells you to raise your child wants you to have someone to send on errands. Application Sometimes … Read more

Baba muredzi, mwana kuchema anodaidza mai.

Word definitions muredzi: One who entrusts another with a child’s care Translation A mother, unlike the father, is the true … Read more

Badza guru kupa murimi, kuripa simbe inovata naro.

Translation Give a big hoe to a farmer; a lazy man will fall asleep with it. Inspiration Traditionally, the Shona … Read more

Badza harinyepi.

Translation A hoe tells no lies. Inspiration Traditionally, the Shona relied primarily on agriculture. The hoe was thus an important … Read more

Bere zvarakatya, mapapata aro mangani?

Word definitions mapapata: remains – scattered bones, generally of an animal. Translation The hyena might be so cowardly, but how … Read more

Bveni kuipa, kuipa zvaro asi haridyi chakafa choga.

Translation A baboon might be ugly, but it doe not feed on the carcass of an animal that it found … Read more

Chakakodza bere mapfupa.

Word definitions bere: hyena kodza: make fat mapfupa: bones Translation It is bones, that fattened a hyena. Inspiration Hyenas are … Read more

Charovedzera charovedzera, gudo rakakwira mawere kwasviba.

Word definitions rovedzera: become quite accustomed mawere: steep rock face, especially a tall one Translation What one has become accustomed … Read more

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