Children playing 'nhodo'

name description
haya A ball is thrown from player to player, while one player tries to intercept.
jongweguru Players hop on one leg and charge each other.
mherekamusana Game of carrying someone pick-a-back, back to back.
hondo/ muvare/ zivare Game of clod-throwing.
njuga Game of cards.
chamutsunye mutsunye One player pinches the skin on the top of another player’s hand, to create a tower with players pinching the back of others’ hands, while both their hands are pinched. Then while moving the hand tower up and down, players sing, ‘Chamutsunye tsunye, chamutsunye tsunye…’ followed by simultaneous breaking away from the skin holding and the whole tower comes down.
mahumbwe This is referred to in English as playing house. Children act out various family and housekeeping roles.
nhodo A number of players sit around a hole and take turns to collect just enough stones from the hole while throwing a stone in the air. The winner is the one who succeeds in accumulating all the stones.
tsoro This is a game played by two players in which stones are distributed into 4 rows of playing holes. The players sit face to face and each player is assigned the 2 rows nearest to them. A player’s objective is to accumulate all the stones and leave the opponent’s rows with none.
pada In this game, players take turns tossing a small object into a pattern of rectangles drawn on the ground. They then jump through the spaces to retrieve the object.

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