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Dziva: Hove Musaigwa

Dziva is a Shona word that refers to a large body of water. Since they could not taboo water, each segment of the Dziva totemic group chose an aquatic animal for its totem.


What is the Shona word for cancer?

Gumbo Madyirapanze

Gumbo Madyirapanze clan poem


The generic Shona name for an earthenware pot is 'hari'. Specific names are then given based on functionality and visual characteristics.


Basic facts about the grain-storage hut, and related vocabulary


Greetings for different times of the day

Michero yesango

Indigenous/ Wild fruits


Naming your fingers in Shona


Traditional games


Mutukutu leaves as cake cases

Ngano naDaniel Mutendi

Tsuro naGudo - Nyama Yeshumba Inonaka Fani (audio video)

Ngano naDaniel Mutendi

Tsuro naGudo - Misi Yese Haifanani (audio video)


Names for parts of a day


Rusero is the word for 'winnowing basket.' It is derived from the Shona word 'sera,' which means 'to rotate or vibrate.'

Tembo-Shumba Samaita

The totemic animal Tembo-Shumba, a cross between a zebra and a lion, is a mythical creature. Tembo-Shumba ('Zebra-Lion') is the totem of the present day Mutasa people.


Zezuru is one of the 6 main dialects of the Shona language spoken in Zimbabwe.