Beliefs| 13 mysteries. From rigging traps that capture death, to stones that grind from the grave

Most superstitious beliefs and practices are rooted in uroyi (witchcraft). Uroyi involves the infliction of harm upon others because of jealousy, greed, revenge, or simply because one can. A competence which one inherits from their ancestors is known as shavi. It is common to hear people say of a witch, ‘she possesses shavi reuroyi,’ as witchcraft is known to … Read more

Beliefs and Superstition – ‘Shura’| 14 signs for the superstitious Zimbabwean

Shura noun: mysterious occurrence/ bad omen (and less often a good one) verb: symbolise or warn of bad luck (and less often good luck) plural: mashura The lives of many Zimbabweans are influenced and affected by beliefs and superstition which some refer to as chivanhu. While this Shona word (chivanhu) generally refers to our indigenous … Read more