Tsumo| 25 Shona proverbs inspired by children

Shona proverbs that relate to children help portray what the Shona understand about children and childhood. Below are 25 such proverbs. 1. Chikomo shata divi, rimwe ritambire pwere. divi: side Inspiration for proverbA rocky or steep hillside might be unconducive for play. ApplicationIt is good to have some commendable qualities and not only bad ones.Even … Read more

Tsumo| Generational wisdom from 20 Shona proverbs

Proverbs are regarded as a source of knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations.Below are twenty Shona proverbs together with an explanation of what inspired each proverb, and its application. 1. Guyu kutsvuka, kutsvuka zvaro asi mukati rizere masvosve. guyu (onde): fig ApplicationThings are not always what they seem. 2. Chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa. Inspiration … Read more

Tsumo| 20 Shona proverbs inspired by animals

fish swimming in aquarium

Traditionally, hunting and agriculture have been the primary means of livelihood for the majority of Zimbabweans. It is therefore not surprising that a large number of Shona proverbs relate to animals. Below are 20 Shona proverbs inspired by animals. 1. Bere zvarakatya, mapapata aro mangani? mapapata: remains – scattered bones, generally of an animal Inspiration … Read more

No to Xenophobia| A word to the wise. 10 ‘tsumo’ (Shona proverbs) on friendship and enmity

It’s a vicious cycle of hate A headline from today’s paper reads, ‘South Africa migrant attacks: ‘Why can’t we live with peace?’ Then another reads, ‘Anger in Nigeria as South Africa xenophobic attacks spark looting.’ As the chaos continues to unfold, more violence only begets the very thing it seeks to destroy. In Shona proverbial lore and … Read more

Celebrating Women Humanitarians| 25 ‘Tsumo’ (Shona proverbs) to celebrate our sheroes

Today we celebrate World Humanitarian Day Celebrated every year on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day is directed towards paying tribute to aid workers around the world. These are individuals who often risk their own lives to save and improve the lives of others. This year, special tribute is paid to Women Humanitarians, recognizing their commitment, … Read more