Traditional medicine| 50 plants to take you back to the basics of medicine and healing

In many parts of Zimbabwe, reliance is still placed on traditional medicines due to their affordability and ease of access. In some cases, there are cultural and spiritual considerations that come into play. Below are 50 plants that are used to treat various diseases and ailments. 1. Mugan’acha lannea discolor An infusion of the bark … Read more

Zvirahwe| Riddle me these 30 Shona riddles

Riddles are sometimes considered a form of folklore. To some extent, they reveal the thoughts and expression of a people. Below are a number of common Shona riddles, with some context to help you get the gist. 1. Mangwanani chinofamba namakumbo mana, masikati maviri, manheru matatu. Munhu (Human) No other animal that exists today is … Read more