Kudhonza (female genital practice)| When women go to great lengths for great sex

Ndaizivei’s story While attending boarding school back in 1989 at a respectable church run institution located outside Harare, Ndaizivei (not real name) was forced to stretch her labia minora at the tender age of nine. ‘I told the other girls I was not going to do so, and when the matron caught wind of the … Read more

Zvirahwe| 30 riddles to solve the riddle of the forgotten Shona riddles

Chipari/ Chirabwe / Chirahwe/ Chirapi The above are all Shona words for ‘riddle.’ A riddle is, simply put, a trick question. Zvirahwe put to test one’s understanding of the language, environment or setting from which the question or statement is constructed. Below are riddles, some of which I have used to reveal traditions and ways … Read more