Cultural astronomy of the Shona| Interpreting how the moon, stars, and planets are perceived

Just like in other parts of the world, the Shona held their own beliefs about the sky and celestial bodies. An understanding of such beliefs and concepts could be a foundation for raising awareness on and arousing interest in astronomy for the average Zimbabwean child. Below are some interesting insights on astronomy from the Shona. … Read more

Nyaudzosingwi| 70 ways to fall in Shona: Ideophones that describe falling (with examples)

Nyaudzosingwi bring out emphasis The following 70 nyaudzosingwi describe the act of falling. Reference was made to the Standard Shona Dictionary (M. Hannan, S.J.) for descriptions. Examples are by ZimbOriginal. I like to use an ideophone for emphasis, as it invokes very clear and vivid imagery in the mind of the listener. In my examples, … Read more

No to Xenophobia| A word to the wise. 10 ‘tsumo’ (Shona proverbs) on friendship and enmity

It’s a vicious cycle of hate A headline from today’s paper reads, ‘South Africa migrant attacks: ‘Why can’t we live with peace?’ Then another reads, ‘Anger in Nigeria as South Africa xenophobic attacks spark looting.’ As the chaos continues to unfold, more violence only begets the very thing it seeks to destroy. In Shona proverbial lore and … Read more