Beliefs and Superstition – ‘Shura’| 14 signs for the superstitious Zimbabwean

Shura noun: mysterious occurrence/ bad omen (and less often a good one) verb: symbolise or warn of bad luck (and less often good luck) plural: mashura The lives of many Zimbabweans are influenced and affected by beliefs and superstition which some refer to as chivanhu. While this Shona word (chivanhu) generally refers to our indigenous … Read more

Celebrating Women Humanitarians| 25 ‘Tsumo’ (Shona proverbs) to celebrate our sheroes

Today we celebrate World Humanitarian Day Celebrated every year on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day is directed towards paying tribute to aid workers around the world. These are individuals who often risk their own lives to save and improve the lives of others. This year, special tribute is paid to Women Humanitarians, recognizing their commitment, … Read more

Hari| Zimbabwe’s traditional pottery

Collection of tradtional Shona pottery

Indigenous pottery From records of early travelers and anthropologists, it has been established that pottery was made in large quantities in Southern Africa, with pottery of the type belonging to the earliest Iron Age having been found in Zimbabwe. Techniques used for pottery have been handed down generally by women from generation to generation. Naturally, … Read more